The Engineers Band Entertainment Orchestra

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In October 2005 a group of friends came up with an idea of a project that would help them satiate their passion for music and let them enter the vast world of popular music and entertainment. The project of a new band was introduced to the Warsaw University of Technology’s Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – Professor Andrzej Jakubiak, thanks to whom from that moment onward the group has gained the patronage of WUT. Soon after, the band welcomed a number of new members and developed its current line-up. The tight bond with WUT and the fact that the majority of its members were students of the University contributed significantly to the name of the band. However, "The Engineers Band" is not exclusively comprised of engineers. It unites student and alumni of almost every university in Warsaw.

Rich, yet continuously enlarged and improved collection is undeniably one of the greatest assets of the group. It consists of popular and light music standards, as well as dance, pop and rock hits in both vocal and instrumental renditions.

The job of a composer and arranger, who creates music for such a non-standard group of instrumentalists, is not an easy one. The band combines a string section (violins, violas, cellos), with a more typical for a big band brass section (trumpets, trombones) and saxophones, but also other woodwind instruments (flutes, clarinets, bassoons), as well as an accordion and at times even a harmonica. The standard sound of a rhythm section in enriched by additional percussion instruments and a keyboard. All of the above, complemented by a vocal group, forms an unusual, yet highly flexible and attractive line-up, which all together creates a unique and multi-colored sound of the band.

One of the most remarkable values of the group is their enthusiasm, joy and heart and soul, which they put to music performance. As a result, through their music "The Engineers Band" transmit a huge dose of positive energy to their audience, which is what makes their concerts so unique.